D for OpenMoko development?

Christopher Wright dhasenan at gmail.com
Fri May 2 22:36:55 PDT 2008

Ansible wrote:
> I'm thinking about writing a task manager application to run on both PCs 
> and on the FreeRunner phone running OpenMoko.
> http://www.openmoko.com/
> The openmoko environment is based on GTK, so the plan is the write the 
> UI in GTK using D.  The freerunner phone on which OpenMoko runs uses an 
> ARM chip, so I'm assuming I'd need to use the GCC version of D.
> Anyway, my question is how feasable is this going to be?  I haven't done 
> development for a phone like this before, nor have I used D extensively. 
>   So I'd kind of like some feedback before I invest a whole lot of time. 
> If anyone has some experience with cross compiling for another 
> processor/environment, or anything else re this that would be 
> enlightening, I'd like to know.  Thanks!

Other people have had success using D on Nokia phones, I believe, though 
I haven't heard from them personally. I'll be able to tell you more if 
and when I get a Freerunner.

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