[OT]Re: Books...

Manfred Nowak svv1999 at hotmail.com
Sat May 10 03:00:21 PDT 2008

Lars Ivar Igesund wrote:

> If someone provided us with such information in private
> communication (which is easy to accomplish), then this would be
> true.

I disagree.

If someone has the (legal) (co-)ownership of some information, which is 
believed to be not in common knowledge, then only in rare circumstances 
one has the right to restrict the channel of distributions for that 

Without this principle you would not have been able to publish your 
book. But the same principle holds for Bob and his information of 
existing torrents.

> did in a followup show that he thinks such breaches of
> copyright are ok. 

I disagree. To me his statements do not expose such a thinking.

He only emphasizes the pure fact, that there exists a free _torrent_ 
for _some_ ebook, which looks like to be the one of you and your 
colleagues. Bob did not give any clue, that the "advertized" ebook is 
indeed that of you and your colleagues.

Furthermore it seems to be unknown, where Bob resides and therefore it 
is pure speculation that he might be bound to some copyright laws.


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