[OT]Re: Books...

Manfred Nowak svv1999 at hotmail.com
Sat May 10 03:32:37 PDT 2008

Yigal Chripun wrote:

> The torrent by itself should not be illegal.

I disagree.

A torrent is a machine made and machine readable citation of _some_ 
source. Without the content of the _original_ source a torrent would be 
meaningless. Therefore a torrent is purely mechanical "derived work" 
and _should_ require the same treatment as the original source. 

> Had I downloaded the book via the above torrent and than sent a
> paycheck to the authors, would I still be violating the copyright?

You _should_ be violating the copyright, because the content of the 
book is not licensed on a "try before you buy" basis "without the prior 
written permission".

> (which they could do simply because they prefer this method of
> downloading).

In some countries this might be called "gross negligence".


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