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John Reimer terminal.node at gmail.com
Sat May 10 06:25:52 PDT 2008

On Sat, 10 May 2008 06:21:57 +0000, Manfred Nowak wrote:

> John Reimer wrote:
>> I'm especially surprised people do this in the very forum in which the
>> authors participate.  Kind of a slap in their face, really.
> Some years ago my statement of intent to bind executables to specific
> hardware was arraigned here.
> I wonder how you would call that arraigning, when considering your
> statement above. For this please observe, that printing a book is also
> binding some intellectual property to some specific hardware.
> Please observe further, that the owners of the website holding the
> torrent promise to remove torrents for copyrighted files from their
> website on request of the copyright holder. I believe that no one is
> allowed to criticize a decision of copyright holders to take no action
> on beeing informed of a possible copyright breach. Especially is an
> information on a possible copyright breach no slap in the face of holder
> of the copyright.
> -manfred


Once again, my post did not approach the topic of drm or copyright 
holding.  It referred to common courtesy, respect for investment of work 
done under the terms it was completed.  Posting such a link is not 
helpful, useful or respectful to it's authors, unless the authors have 
given express permission to do so.  Even opensource operates under 
similar principles of courtesy.  And indeed, litigation can and may occur 
if the opensource licenses aren't followed.  It that sense even 
opensource "freedom" comes with it's own set of controls. 

I see, though, that the demand for a subjective "freedom" that fits each 
persons ideals, is becoming more the cultural norm.  I sorry to see this 
because it lacks consistancy and respect for a persons contributions.


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