[OT]Re: Books...

BCS ao at pathlink.com
Sat May 10 17:15:10 PDT 2008

Reply to Tower,
> The writers must accept now that the days of making big money writing
> and living of the royalties died when consumers became international .
> The Internet is just one aspect of that. Take China with the CD's
> right now

I agree with part of that, that trying to control access to digital media 
is pointless. However I think it is right and just for an author to ask for 
profit from there work. Otherwise where is the motivation? Material profit 
is a much better motivator than altruistic betterment of society. (USSR vs. 

Further more, all that aside I have no issue with people refusing to be a 
part in circumventing that motivation nor author bitching about people who do.

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