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FireLancer wrote:

> Ive been learning c++ and was wondering if I should move over to D or not
> but theres a few details I'm not sure on and I couldn't find a good ansew
> on.
> 2) I 
> couldn't tell if D has an eqivlent to the STL. I can see that maps are
> built in but what of std::set and std::list?

Tango has a collection package.
> 3)
> How do I go about using DirectX with D as all the headers are c/c++

I would think there exists headers ported to D.

> 4)
> Do the varible sizes work as in c or are they fixed?
> eg in c I could define them as
> char - at least one byte
> short - at least as large as a char
> int - at least as large as a short
> long - at least as large as an int
> But it would be nice if they were fixed eg
> char - 1 byte
> short - 2 bytes
> int - 4 bytes
> long - 8 bytes

They are fixed with those sizes.

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