[Tango/D] Undefined reference to __ModuleInfoZ error

Tower Ty towerty at msn.com.au
Thu May 29 10:57:50 PDT 2008

Mael Wrote:

> Hello,
> I keep obtaining errors like
> /home/primet/local/dsss/lib//libDD-tango-text.a(tango.text.Regex.o):(.data+0x818): undefined reference to `_D5tango4math4Math12__ModuleInfoZ'
> when compiling certain Tango applications,
> someone knows what I must do to fix this ? I installed the latest (non-release) Tango SVN trunk and did a dsss build && dsss install, so I don't think something went wrong in the install process...
its looking for something in the tango.math.math module 
better post what you are trying to do and someone will tell you more

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