Shared Library: Why doesn't this work?

Benji Smith dlanguage at
Wed Oct 1 21:07:29 PDT 2008

Bryan Power wrote:
> Benji Smith wrote:
>>    if (auto lib = SharedLib.load(`c:\windows\system32\kernel32.dll`)
> Just a note on the Windows library loading routines:
> You should never use the absolute path. The root drive is not guaranteed 
> to be C:, nor is the system directory guaranteed to be "system32". On 
> older systems it may just be "system". Internally, the API .load is 
> calling (LoadLibraryA/W) will automatically search the default system 
> directory of your system, therefore only .load("kernel32.dll") is required.

Aha. That's good to know.

I was only using the absolute path for this little example. My actual 
code was going through its own system of tests to find the system 
directory. That was a waste!



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