Handling endianness in Tango's FileConduit

Nick Sabalausky a at a.a
Wed Oct 8 15:15:50 PDT 2008

> Nick Sabalausky wrote:
>> 1. Rename "EndianProtocol" to "EndianSwitchProtocol" to make it's 
>> behavior more clear. Possibly make it internal to Tango.
>> 2. Create a new "EndianProtocol" that takes an "Endianness" enum of 
>> "LittleEndian" or "BigEndian" (and maybe also "SwitchEndian" and 
>> "NativeEndian") as a ctor parameter, checks the native endianness, and 
>> appropriately adds or doesn't add the "EndianSwitchProtocol" (or just 
>> does the byte-order swapping itself instead of using 
>> "EndianSwitchProtocol").
> Please create a ticket for that!
>> In any case, it looks like step 2 is something I'd currently have to 
>> implement myself. Does Tango provide a way to detect the system's 
>> endianness?
> Tango doesn't, but D does with version(BigEndian) or 
> version(LittleEndian).

*Smacks forehead* I knew that, and managed to forget :) That was one of the
early things that first impressd me about D.

> Also, if you implement it yourself, you can as well contribute it to 
> Tango, so other people don't have the same problem. :) You can also add a 
> patch/code to the ticket. Would be awesome.

Good idea. Done:


> Kind regards, Alex 

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