Dynamic Libaries in D

Michael Robellard mrobellard at ag.com
Mon Oct 13 05:26:43 PDT 2008

If your reason for writing a DLL is to interface into a 3rd party 
applpication. Which is the reason we are using DLLs in D then chances are 
the extern(Windows) or extern(C) style functions are what you want anyway. 
You can use D features behind your C style interfaces. We have successfully 
done this with implementing In process COM servers in D. If you want to just 
have nice dynamically loaded modules in your own native D app then from what 
I've seen DDL will be the right way to go when it's ready. If you want your 
application to be able to be extended by others, then you are back to DLLs 
since most people extending your application will probably not be using D.

"Tim M" <a at b.com> wrote in message 
news:op.uixsjpl3jdp9fl at tim-laptop.ssiltd.home...
> DDL looks nice but can I make DDLs in DLL format that can be loaded and 
> linked to an existing host application. I don't have access to the source 
> code for the host app. 

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