Strange DSSS/Tango compile error

Robert Kosek robert.kosek at
Wed Oct 15 11:13:45 PDT 2008

Jarrett Billingsley wrote:
> It just looks like it's not linking in the Tango libraries.  I thought
> EasyD would have done that for you.

That's the odd part, it usually does!  In fact, the above command line 
arguments are what are always executed (beyond my specifying which files 
to build).

Here's the thing: if I remove a reference to my rpg.dice module (in 
dice.d in the same directory) it compiles and links Tango.  Thus I think 
it's not linking *my* code rather than Tango.  I think Tango is linking 
just fine.  (Perhaps my private import is the problem?)

This compiles:
> module rpg;
> import*, rpg.dice*/;
> void main() {
>    /* Dice d = {4,6};
>     Stdout.format("Dice roll is(4d6): {}", d.roll());*/
>     Stdout("This is a test!").newline.flush;
> }

But to uncomment the pieces for the dice rolling, and my linking dies 

What should I do for a project that uses multiple files for its 
compilation?  Should I have any special file system structure within the 
directory, or should I add a special search path to the build?


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