Where to find COFF2OMF ?

tsalm tsalm at free.fr
Thu Oct 16 10:00:46 PDT 2008

Le Thu, 16 Oct 2008 06:30:51 +0200, John Reimer <terminal.node at gmail.com>  
a écrit:

> See this link:
> http://www.agner.org/optimize/
> On the same page is a object file converter tool that is capable of  
> converting across all sorts of formats (elf, coff, omf, etc).  The  
> manual for the tool may be downloaded from the site as well.  On page  
> 15-17 of that manual, it describes why there will be conversion problems  
> when trying to convert a library from one object format to another.
> Incidently, maybe the OP can make use of the above mentioned tool, which  
> is free. :)

Your link is awesome : "Object File Converter" seems converting Uuid.lib  
without problem.

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