should I use 1.0 or 2.0?

Sean Kelly sean at
Tue Oct 28 17:23:32 PDT 2008

akcom wrote:
> For production applications, should I be using D 1.0 or D 2.0?

1.0.  But I suggest finding out the differences between 1.0 and 2.0 so 
you have some idea what you'll be in for if/when you decide to upgrade. 
  To ease the transition, there are some simple tricks that will help, 
such as labeling ostensibly const function parameters with 'in'.  For 

     void fn( in char[] str ) {}

In D 1.0 this is equivalent to:

     void fn( char[] str ) {}

however, in D 2.0 this is equivalent to:

     void fn( const char[] str ) {}

Since string literals in D 2.0 are immutable, only immutable and 
constant variables may reference them.  So:

     fn( "hello" );

works in D 2.0 so long as fn() is defined as:

     fn( string str );
     fn( const char[] str );
     fn( invariant char[] str );

but not:

     fn( char[] str );

Most of the rest isn't worth the trouble, but I've found this to be a 
real time-saver for making code portable between D 1.0 and 2.0.


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