Template mixins: Why is the decision to mixin made at the call site?

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Fri Aug 21 10:36:39 PDT 2009

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Chad J wrote:
> Regarding template mixins, I'm curious, why is the decision to mixin a
> template made at the call site and not at the declaration of the
> template/mixin?
> In other words, why do we write
> 	template foo()
> 	{
> 		// etc..
> 	}
> 	mixin foo!();
> instead of
> 	mixin foo()
> 	{
> 		// etc..
> 	}
> 	foo!();
> ??
> It seems to me like in most cases you determine whether or not you want
> to mixin based on the contents of the template, not based on the the
> calling code.  Not to mention, declaring as a mixin would allow us to
> omit that mixin keyword anytime we want to do something cool with
> template mixins.  So it seems odd to me as I reflect on it.

Not sure what the original choice was based on, but what you suggest
looks wrong to me. You aren't necessarily using a template in order to
mix it in somewhere.

With that syntax it looks like you can only use foo as a mixin. If you
change 'mixin' to 'paste' your way round looks even more wrong.

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