Undefined __moduleUnitTests

Don nospam at nospam.com
Mon Dec 21 08:38:32 PST 2009

Brian Eyster wrote:
> I am running the compiler located in C:\dmd2\windows\bin\.
> In the readme.txt file it gives the following info for the
> compiler: "dmd.exe  D compiler
> http://www.digitalmars.com/d/2.0/dmd-windows.html"
> In the sc.ini file in the same directory is gives: "[Version]
> version=7.51 Build 020"
> If neither of these is not the version that you are looking for,
> you will have to direct me to where it can be found.
The readme is ancient, and sc.ini is about 3000 years old. You need to 
 > dmd
and read the version info from there.

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