Runtime error when accessing static data in a DLL

Phil Deets pjdeets2 at
Thu Dec 24 07:49:01 PST 2009

I'm writing a DLL in D which will be loaded (not automatically, but by  
LoadLibrary) by a C application (the Lua interpreter). I'm having problems  
with globals and static data. Everything is fine if I only access stuff on  
the stack, but as soon as I access a global or a static class variable,  
either the program crashes or if I am still in DllMain, the LoadLibrary  
function will fail and GetLastError will indicate an error with the  
message "Invalid access to memory location.".

I'll work on reproducing it in a smaller scale, but does anyone know how  
to fix it?

In case it is helpful info, in DllMain under the DLL_PROCESS_ATTACH case,  
I am just calling Runtime.initialize; even though the sample calls  
gc_init, _minit, _moduleCtor, and runModuleUnitTests.

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