converting a byte array to a struct array?

Trass3r mrmocool at
Wed Dec 30 03:37:51 PST 2009

grauzone schrieb:
> First the anti-feature: [0xAB, ...] will yield an int[], not a ubyte[] 
> (I guess ubyte[] is what you're expecting). If you cast two arrays, the 
> compiler will reinterpret cast all data. The result won't be what you 
> intended.
Yeah I already encountered that problem. That's why I had to 
cast(ubyte[]) it (where conversion is expected) for my reinterpret casting:

RGB[] PALETTE = (cast(RGB*) cast(ubyte[]) [...])[0..256];

> Second, the bug: casting arrays at compiletime seems to behave 
> differently from casting at runtime. Casting at compiletime doesn't 
> reinterpret cast, it does conversion! Demonstration here: 

You're right. But it only concerns casting to a struct(?) or an array of 
structs, right?!. Conversion is correct for standard arrays, but struct 
arrays need to be reinterpret cast (correct me if I'm wrong, I can't 
imagine how conversion could be reasonably used. Only thing might be 
casting an array of structs to another array of structs but I don't know 
any valid use-case).

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