Memory RAM usage

BCS none at
Thu Dec 31 10:27:12 PST 2009

Hello grauzone,

> bearophile wrote:
>> In other benchmarks memory usage of Free Pascal is not dramatically
>> lower, but it's usually near the top of lower memory usage in all
>> Shootout benchmarks.
> No idea. I just know that FPC doesn't use GCC. I think it doesn't even
> link to libc! (I can't really confirm, ldd crashes on the executable
> produced by fpc.) Maybe it just avoids some constant overhead due to
> this.

If that's the root, then it may well be a fictitious benefit because it may 
well have no effect on the resident set size (the amount of RAM actually 
used) during the main processing. All that it would be doing is to no include 
at all code that the C version never pulls off disk (executables lazy load 
on most systems).

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