Link Problem

Qian Xu quian.xu at
Tue Mar 3 13:36:56 PST 2009

Hi All (again),

I got the following error message when my program is going to be linked:

------------------------ error -------------------------------
default/common/configuration/Configuration_1.o:(.data+0x98): undefined 
reference to `_D5tango4text3xml9SaxParser12_ModuleInfoZ'
------------------------ error -------------------------------

Configuration_1.o is the output file of my source.
I compiled my program on two Linux machines. It works on one machine, 
but not the other.

I suppose:
1. the tango libraries are different. (I will verify it tomorrow in my 
2. the SaxParser contains some template implementation. how this part is 
compiled? can this be a reason of my problem?

BTW: What is ModuleInfoZ?? I have not found it in SaxParser.d at all.

Xu, Qian (stanleyxu)

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