Dear toolchain...

Sergey Gromov snake.scaly at
Thu Mar 12 15:54:21 PDT 2009

Tue, 10 Mar 2009 18:45:26 +0100, Simen Haugen wrote:

> I've spent at least 8 hours so far trying to locate the error with no luck.
> Does anyone have any good ideas how I can proceed?
> Or perhaps a pointer in the direction for narrowing down my search?

You're using tango, so you may want to try Jake:

Try to use it instead of rebuild.  It builds everything in one step so
compile time should be very feasible, even for DWT-based project.  It
may happen to give you better diagnostics.

Also try to use -v flag.  Jake passes it through to the compiler so
you'll see steps DMD takes to compile your program, which may give some
clues, too.

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