convert javah headers to D

Sergey Gromov snake.scaly at
Sun Mar 15 17:27:54 PDT 2009

Sun, 15 Mar 2009 21:37:48 +0000 (UTC), Nicholas Jordan wrote:

> I got this far, compiler is stating I should:
>      "semicolon expected, not 'TWAIN_AcquireNative'"

You use lots of undefined symbols in this module: HANDLE, EZTAPI, HWND,
unsigned etc.  The compiler can't read your mind so you must tell it
exactly what you mean.

Most common Windows definitions are available in


You probably should define things like 'unsigned' yourself:

alias uint unsigned;

I have absolutely no idea what EZTAPI is, it's up to you to define it
correctly, or find existing bindings.

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