convert javah headers to D

NIcholas Jordan asdf at
Mon Mar 16 08:30:46 PDT 2009

Great, I was afraid .....

I will read all the replies, it is rather clear I need to run h2d -
will have to find it. I will read the other posts, I could lose my
internet connection at any time so silence is on to be taken as an

Correct, I decided to get scanner images for study use while reading
Jeff Heaton's book and site. Soon I found EZTwain, got to the point of
getting one run to return to Java. Pretty sure none of the image data
transferred, but things like int's were showing up with correct

Due to not being able to get a link when I started again from scratch,
preserving all work first, I decided to transition to "D" ( for the
arguments cited ) - I had been working on it 18-hours and started to
bog on how to get the "headers" from javap reachable from "D" code.

Totally lost, decided to ask.

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