every line needs fixing

Nicholas Jordan asdf at some.com
Mon Mar 16 13:04:15 PDT 2009

Sir, I run massive projects - that is my style. I get things running that way.

I totally totally realize every line needs fixing, I just got several thousand lines moved from c to d thanks to the help

I have a great deal of experience working this way, once I fix one thing - the rest of the file gets fixed in minutes.

I work extremely fast under pressures that break most people withing days. If you have never seen anyone crack, it is not
something to get involved with.

Again, my apologies again to Jarrett Billings, I probably pushed a reply button when,... okay - I see what I did wrong.

It was a wrong button push.

I use the iterative approach, I just have a 500 line file to do it on. Usually, I have about five or ten "issues" or
problems I am trying to grasp at any arbitrary moment on a transition like this. The guy across the hall in I talk in full
duplex ( both people talking - about different issues ) while thinking about something not even vocalized yet.

It's just a pressure level most people cannot work at.

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