How many people / projects are using Tango now?

Christopher Wright dhasenan at
Wed Mar 18 19:53:39 PDT 2009

Spacen Jasset wrote:
> How many people / projects are using Tango at this time?
> I am considering switching over to tango instead of phobos due to 
> missing features, but mainly I think because of bugs that don't seem to 
> get fixed.
> I had a look round for a "poll" on my question but couldn't really see 
> one. It seems to me that most people are using tango now though, for any 
> amount of 'serious' work.

All my code uses Tango. I want to use d2, but I find phobos too 
difficult to work with. Phobos for d2 has some neat concepts, but I 
don't want to learn a new way of working; I want code that can remain 
somewhat portable between phobos and tango.

Without looking too hard, it started to look like metaprogramming was 
decently supported in phobos, but for more typical needs, tango was 

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