any framework or tips for multi-tier applications

Christopher Wright dhasenan at
Sat Mar 28 14:12:58 PDT 2009

Qian Xu wrote:
> Hi All,
> We are redesigning a system (previously was written in C) using D.
> We use Boundary-Controll-Entity-Pattern.
> To wrap db table to entities is a very time consuming work.
> Is there any framework or tips for multi-tier applications in D?
> --Qian

At times like this, I think of this blog post:

You can likely write some mixins to ease the use of Active Record. That 
would be the first thing I'd try. The simplest version I can imagine 
would either not work for relations:

template Member(T, char[] name)
    enum Member = T.stringof ~ ` ` ~ name ~ `() { return row.get!(` ~ 
T.stringof ~ `)(` ~ name ~ `); }`;

table Foo
	a INT,
	b BIT,
class Foo
    private Row row;
    this (Row row) { this.row = row; }
    mixin (Member!(int, "a"));
    mixin (Member!(bool, "b"));
    mixin (Member!(char[], "c"));

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