New to D: Building multiple files

torhu no at spam.invalid
Sun Mar 29 08:43:51 PDT 2009

On 29.03.2009 17:04, chris wrote:
> Alright so I'm not too familiar with building D or having to build
> multiple files from the command line (Java usually takes care of
> that). Basically I have a small game I put together as  a test
> project. Here's the structure:
> clo/clo.d
> clo/Main.d
> clo/common/GameState.d
> clo is in module clo , while GameState is in module clo.common.
> Main.d imports both clo and clo.common
> I'm using the latest 'Easy D' installation on windows (so I've been
> building simple single files with dsss build (filename). I'm just
> assuming building Main.d would grab the other stuff and build that
> (like Java or C#), but I get the following.
> C:\Users\me\Projects\clo>  dsss build -v Main.d clo.d commo
> n\GameState.d

I don't know if dsss supports building without a config file.  Just 
doing 'rebuild Main.d' should work.  Or 'dmd Main.d clo.d 

Make sure that Gamestate.d has a 'module common.GameState;' declaration.

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