Sizeof class instance

grauzone none at
Sun Oct 4 00:47:24 PDT 2009

Justin Johansson wrote:
> How does one determine the sizeof (in bytes) of an instance of a class in D?
> .sizeof works as advertised for structs, but for reference types,
> .sizeof yields the sizeof the referencing variable (effectively same as size of a pointer)
> and not the size of the underlying instance.

As Jarrett said, x.classinfo.init.length is the simplest way in D1.

> I did try scanning the NG and read spec_D1.00.pdf.  Perhaps I missed it in the latter.

I guess that PDF is horribly outdated, although it may work for some 

> btw. I was poking under the hood of std.xml and though, wow, instances of Element
> class look humongous, and so I'm interested to how exactly how humongous.

Wasn't std.xml for D2? Anyway, last what I remember is that std.xml is 
unmaintained, slow, buggy, and shouldn't be seriously used.

> Thanks for all help.
> Justin

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