Using OpenGL (custom port)

David Butler xadrian at
Tue Oct 6 12:29:36 PDT 2009

I got it working, it did turn out to be a slight error in the type 
declaration.  I had this:

typedef HGLRC function (HDC hDC, HGLRC hShareContext, in int 

And it needed to be:

typedef extern (Windows) ...everything else...

Whoops.  But I can now successfully create a 3.0 context. Yay!

You can get the latest extension headers for OpenGL from (glext.h, wglext.h, glxext.h). 
You should only need two of them, depending on the platform (I think) 
and just use the standard, old-timey gl.h from your system.  glext.h is 
huge, but pretty easy to convert if you have a regex search/replace tool.

div0 wrote:
> Hash: SHA1
> David Butler wrote:
>> Is there a difference between a pointer to a D array and an int* in C?
>> How do I convert between the two?  Am I even looking in the right place?
>> Thanks for any help!
>> -Dave Butler
> There's nothing wrong with your int array.
> What's GetLastError tell you?
> According to the spec you can just pass null as the attrs anyway
> to get a default, try that.
> Only other thing I can suggest is maybe you've got the calling
> But you only need to declare it in an extern (windows) block.
> Just out of curiosity where did you get the c headers for opengl 3?
> My card doesn't support it unfortunately so I've not bothered getting
> hold of it so far.
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