amazing function behavior

Zarathustra adam.chrapkowski at
Tue Oct 20 08:14:26 PDT 2009

Don Wrote:
> It isn't. Tfunc2 is a function pointer, which is typically the same as 
> size_t. So any int can be stored inside it. It's generally a very bad 
> idea to do so, of course.

Never mind what is stored inside func2. 0x00 is only to simplify the code.
Tfunc1 - pointer to function without args
Tfunc2 - pointer to function with 1 arg
func2 = cast(Tfunc1)something; 
doesn't have a sense, because type of func2 is Tfunc2 type not Tfunc1!

In D1 this causes compilation error, but DMD2.035 doesn't generate any compilation message, even warning.

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