some questions about D

Luis P. Mendes luislupeXXX at
Thu Oct 22 09:50:51 PDT 2009


I'm about to begin a project on artificial intelligence, decision trees 
and some other algorithmic stuff that needs runtime and development speed.

I've been looking to D before, but ended up reading and learning some C+
+.  But C++ seems more complex than I need and outdated (my opinion).
As Python (the language I used to program) is not suitable for the task, 
I kindly ask you some questions.  I only need short answers!

1) Can I access a PostgreSQL and/or MySQL database from D?  Are there 
(fast/reliable) database adapters?
2) Is it easy to use C++ libraries?  Is it close to use them from inside C
++ programs?
3) D compilers don't yet compile natively in 64 bits processors? Mine is 
a x86_64 Linux system.
4) I have to use huge (for me) amounts of data, maybe I'll make use of 
most of my 8GB RAM memory.  Will I find problems due to any compiler/
language limit?
5) Besides Alexei forthcoming book, is there documentation for the whole 
language and not only to part of it as in
viewtopic.php?t=9518 and
27s_Guide_to_D ?
6) Is D version 2 suitable for a beginner like me starting a new project? 
7) What advantages can I have in using Tango? Speed? Ease of development? 
will it be integrated as standard?


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