ctfe library

Don nospam at nospam.com
Tue Apr 20 08:17:15 PDT 2010

Ary Borenszweig wrote:
> Ellery Newcomer wrote:
>> Are there any good libraries for ctfe/code generation?
>> I don't know, things like parsing support for compile time strings, 
>> string formatting, type <-> string
>> My project seems to be growing ctfe, and it's all horribly hacky and 
>> ugly code.
> I think all ctfe code is horribly hacky and ugly code. :-P

I think you're talking about string mixins, not CTFE. They are not the same.

I don't see anything particularly ugly or hacky about CTFE code, like 
the code below:

int greater(int a, int b) {
   if (a>b) return a;
   else return b;

int [ greater(short.max/3, 515) ] foo;

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