delegates with C linkage

dennis luehring dl.soluz at
Sun Jun 6 10:10:26 PDT 2010

Am 06.06.2010 17:30, schrieb Zarathustra:
>>  are delegats part of the ABI, i can't find a delegat calling scheme in
>>  the ABI-Description - should this be in EAX, as last/first part on
>>  stack, ECX?
> The delegates are called by exactly same way as any other member function. Put ptr
> = 'this'(context pointer) to EAX and call funcptr (pointer to function). If I
> remember well, the 'this' pointer is passed to functions by ECX in C++. The
> delegate structure layout is described in ABI. ABI, disassembler and
> trail-end-error method will give you (and me too, because I still need to explore
> many things) an answer to many questions.

ok and it would be nice to have an clear description of this ABI+disasm
trial-error-reusults in the ABI-Description - i think your example is 
needed to show walter the missing parts of the ABI-Doc

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