Tuple to tuple conversion

Simen kjaeraas simen.kjaras at gmail.com
Mon Jun 7 18:29:05 PDT 2010

Sounds stupid, don't it?
Carrying in my hat my trusty foo, a std.typecons.Tuple!(float), I want
to use it as a parameter to a function taking non-tuple parameters, i.e.
a single float. foo.tupleof gives me an unwieldy conglomerate of
tuple((Tuple!(float))._field_field_0,(Tuple!(float))._0). First, I'm not
sure what all of this means, second I'm completely sure it does not mean
what I want.

foo.field seems much more close to what I want, returning a nice and
clean (float) when I ask for it. However, doing so in the context of
being a function parameter yields other problems, in the form of:

src\phobos\std\typecons.d(424): Error: static assert   
(is(Tuple!(string,float) == Tuple!(string,float))) is false
src\phobos\std\typecons.d(413):        instantiated from here:  
src\phobos\std\typecons.d(423):        instantiated from here: slice!(1,3)
problem.d(15):        3 recursive instantiations from here: Tuple!(float)

Especially interesting might be line 424, as that assert ought to be
true in most cases.

I guess what I'm asking for here is, is there a way to do what I want?


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