using std.process

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> Try giving an absolute path to 'mkdir'. I'm fairly sure that the exec*
>> family does not use the PATH environment.
I tried the different versions and used execvp precisely because it's
supposed to provide the path. But I admit I never tried giving it an entire


> That's what the 'p' in 'vp' stand for: path.
> OTOH I don't remember if the exec's tack on the exe name to the args so you
> might need to do:
> execvp("mkdir",["mkdir","test"]);

Because arg #0 is the name of the exec itself?


Ok, I tried your suggestions and obtained some results. Right now, I can
even make dmd compile some simple file, like this:

execvp("dmd", ["dmd", "test.d"];

It doesn't do anything with just

execvp("dmd", ["test.d"]);

Now, my goal is to activate the dot executable from graphviz
( )

and... it works if I use

execvp("dot", ["dot",  /* arg lis */]);
 thank to you both!

strangely, it takes 22s to produce the pdf, as opposed to about 3s at the
command line...
I think initially, I stopped it before it could finish its work.

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