ERROR - "cannot implicitly convert expression (s) of type int[3u] to int*"

Justin Spahr-Summers Justin.SpahrSummers at
Fri Jun 18 08:41:17 PDT 2010

On Fri, 18 Jun 2010 01:25:32 -0400, Chick Corea <chick.zcorea at> 
> Those are the result of code that I pulled directly from the D v1 docs from
> Specifically, the code is this.
>         int* p;
>         int[3] s;
>         int[] a;
>         p = s;
>         p = a;

I can't speak as to why the D2 code doesn't work, but this example in 
the documentation is flat out wrong. To assign a D array to a pointer, 
you must use the .ptr property, so that the correct code is actually:

 int* p;
 int[3] s;
 int[] a;
 p = s.ptr;
 p = a.ptr;

Hope this clears things up.

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