alias function this - limitations

Simen kjaeraas simen.kjaras at
Thu Jun 24 11:23:09 PDT 2010

div0 <div0 at> wrote:

>> This code fails on the line 'int b = f;'. Is it supposed to?
> I think so.
> 'alias this' is used to forward stuff that appears to the right of a dot  
> onto the named member.

Not only. Assignment of the wrapped type will also work.

> In c++ to get what you are doing to work, you'd add a customer cast  
> operator:
> but I'm not sure how the cast operator overloading works in D, I don't  
> know if it will try to implicitly cast and call your operator.

It does not. In WalterAndrei.pdf, opImplicitCast(To|From) is mentioned,
but it has not found its way into the language.

I feel that alias this is currently broken, but hope it will be fixed.


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