dcollections how to LinkList // port c# code

BLS windevguy at hotmail.de
Tue Jun 29 14:59:29 PDT 2010

On 29/06/2010 23:49, Steven Schveighoffer wrote:
> One thing to note, ArrayList *does* accept an array as a constructor,
> and it will actually use that array as its storage.  This is so you can
> "wrap" an array as a ArrayList and get the full dcollections
> functionality from it.

Hi Steve
This is why I've switched from LinkList to ArrayList. (ArrayList is 
simply cool)
also :
Server nextServer() { return sl[uniform(0, sl.length)]; }
is impossible with LinkList. ( sl is LinkList)
yeah opIndex on linked lists is simply slow.

However the snippet in the previous msg. does not compile.. will see later.

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