std.file vs

Ludovic A. ludovica at
Thu Mar 4 09:25:07 PST 2010


thanks! First I want to underline that I use Digital Mars D Compiler v2.040, and
my 2 examples are _working_ examples with this compiler. So I really mean that
std.file is working on the last D compiler :)

I felt that those examples didn't 'smell' like D, and I also got some import
conflicts when I tried to import both and std.file in the same time.
It's clearer now ;)

I am still suprised that I don't have to indicate the type of "line", but I guess
it is deduced from whatever file.byLine returns. I will dig out the foreach
implementation, sounds pretty cool anyway.

Last but not least, I extensively used the Search function of the Digitalmars
website, and I did see information about / std.file popping on the top
results. The Search function also referenced quite a lot of posts in "/archives/"
:) I looked at tutorials on dsource, it seems most of them are outdated... Hence
my questions: where can I found the last up-to-date D standard well presented like
a Javadoc?

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