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Pelle Månsson wrote:
> On 03/05/2010 07:50 PM, bearophile wrote:
>> div0:
>>> putting it in Foo simply puts it in a namespace.<
>> So my (wrong) idea of immutable applied to a struct was that every
>> thing in such namespace becomes immutable (I think this is a bit more
>> intuitive).
>> What do you think of modifying D2 so in a situation like the one I've
>> shown even static arguments become const/immutable? Can this cause
>> troubles to other things?
>> Thank you to you and Lars T. Kyllingstad for the answers.
>> Bye,
>> bearophile
> Immutability (somewhat) guarantees the value will never ever change. The
> static attribute could be changed by a non-immutable instance, and can
> therefore not be immutable. It could be const for the immutable
> instance, but I don't see the gains from it.
> I do, however, see the gains from not being able to access the static
> members through an instance.

Yeah, I *never* access static vars through an instance,
I always use the class name.

Somebody want to post in the main group?

Might be worth a bigger discussion; perhaps somebody can provide a good
use case for access through an instance we're not seeing.

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