DMD2, Phobos: striding range

Mihail Strashun m.strashun at
Mon Mar 8 03:01:44 PST 2010

Following simple program fails to compile with latest DMD 2.041 (In fact 
it fails to compile with any dmd2 version i have tried):

 > import std.stdio;
 > import std.range;
 > import std.algorithm;
 > int main()
 > {
 >   auto test = stride( iota(0,10,1) , 2 );
 >   return 0;
 > }

[mist at mistwork d]$ dmd -run test.d
/usr/include/d/std/range.d(716): Error: this._input.front() is not an lvalue
/usr/include/d/std/range.d(724): Error: this._input.back() is not an lvalue

Is it a bug? I managed to get stride working only on arrays. If it is 
the supposed way to work, how can be similar filtering done on ranges?

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