what's the difference between ref and inout in D2?

Trass3r un at known.com
Fri Mar 12 15:02:34 PST 2010

> According to D2 semantics that program2 is correct, because in D you can  
> use variables that are not initialized by the programmers.
> ...
> Because in C# it is not allowed to use uninitialized variables.

D's general approach is to initialize every variable and only allow  
unintialized ones with explicit "= void"
And that's good behavior imho.

So "out parameters are set to the default initializer for the type of it"  
(at function entrance I guess).

> So I think 'out' arguments are bug-prone in D. If you have tuples, you  
> can return one of them avoiding the need for 'out' arguments

I still don't get what you mean. Have an example?

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