Two problems with op overload

bearophile bearophileHUGS at
Sun Mar 14 06:14:27 PDT 2010

I have tried to use the new operators of D2 and I have found several problems. This small program shows two of those problems (some of my problems can be caused by my improper usage, I'm trying to tell apart the operator overloading bugs from my improper usage cases).

Do you know if/how this program can be fixed?

struct Foo {
    int x;

    Foo opUnary(string op:"++")() {
        return this;

    uint opCast(T:uint)() {
        return this.x;

void main() {
    Foo f = Foo(5);
    f++; // line 16
    auto a = new int[f]; // line 17

temp2.d(16): Error: var has no effect in expression (__tmp1)
temp2.d(17): Error: cannot implicitly convert expression (f) of type Foo to uint

Note: the line 17 works if I write it this way, but it's not nice:
auto a = new int[cast(uint)f];


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