[D1] struct opEquals questions

Lars T. Kyllingstad public at kyllingen.NOSPAMnet
Thu Mar 18 05:40:00 PDT 2010

qwerty wrote:
> In my unittest I tried to test out my rotate function.
> assert(Vec2(1,2).rotate(90) == Vec(-2,1));
> But I got these compile errors:
> vector.d(156): Error: function vector.Vec.opEquals (Vec) does not match parameter types (void)
> vector.d(156): Error: cannot implicitly convert expression (opCall(1,2).rotate(opCall(90))) of type void to Vec*
> 2 questions:
> My opEquals takes an Vec2 and not a *Vec2, is this wrong?
> Why is return value of the rotate function compared and not the rotated struct literal?

2 problems:

1. You call the struct Vec some places and Vec2 others.

2. My guess is that the compiler complains about Vec* because Vec is a 
struct, not a class, and you have written 'new Vec' somewhere.  Am I right?

If that is the case, remember that for structs, 'new' returns a pointer, 
whereas for classes it returns a reference.


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