Confused about const

bearophile bearophileHUGS at
Fri Mar 19 19:22:00 PDT 2010

Paul D. Anderson:
> My struct has a dynamic array as a member -- that seems to be the problem. This code doesn't compile:
> struct S {
>  int x;
>  int[] a;
> }
> S foo(const S b) {
>     S other = b;
>     return other;
> }
> void main() {}

This compiles, oh joy:

struct S {
    int x;
    int[] a;
S foo(const S b) {
    S other;
    other.x = b.x;
    other.a = b.a.dup; // the dup is necessary here
    return other;
void main() {}

The idea now is to find a way to encapsulate that manual copying & dupping into some overloaded operator of S. But I have failed so far. Operator overloading in D2 is not an easy thing, it needs training. (That's why I have recently asked for the compiler to be strict to avoid wrong usages of the operator overloading.)


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