What do you use opDispatch for?

BCS none at anon.com
Sun Mar 21 15:02:06 PDT 2010

Hello Philippe,

> OK, I know opDispatch just appeared in DMD, but I remember a *huge*
> thread on it, where people were jumping up and down waiting for it.
> Me, I have no wonderful idea, though I feel some potential in it. The
> only interesting use I found for now is making a class/struct
> extensible:
> As for you, what are your experiences / projects with opDispatch?

My unitted type uses it for it's value<->unit properties to get a single 
point of definition for each unit:

I've also been thinking of a way to build a compile time LINQ like program. 
If the comparison and boolean operators are overloadable, you could build 
prepared SQL queries from expressions at compile time.

   foreach(Row!(int) row; select!("baz.foo").whare(for.a != someInt && baz.c 
== bar.c))

> Philippe
... <IXOYE><

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