generic + numeric + literals = abomination

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> so:
>> Since D is superb, i like to know how you do it in D.
>> If you got a better idea in C++, i would like to hear that too!
> You know there are float literal too, in C++/D, like: 5.5f
> I don't think D can help you more than C++ here.
> Can you explain better what the problem is and what kind of solution you  
> would like?
> Bye,
> bearophile

You are right, i guess i wasn't clear enough.

In 5.5f, f is the float literal, i am trying to write generic code.
Say i changed the type to f64(double), or f128 by just changing a line.

typedef f128 scalar;
// or in D
alias f128 scalar;

So each cast above will be like f128(5.5f)...
What have i gained by increasing precision to 64 or 128 bit here?

Clear enough? :)


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