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Sat Mar 27 14:51:27 PDT 2010

gc1    thread1

gc2    thread4

when the gc1 cycles it does not block the gc2 threads. Would that be of any use?
Or possible. And only use communication like between two processes, some
interprocess communication message passing thing.
I mean the entire pure thing makes heavy use of the garbage collector, maybe
isolating them is a solution, just let it cycle independent from the rest.
But on the other hand you could just make two processes.


1) Reflection

@transient [NonSerialized]

2) Serialization

Some form of reflection would be handy to simplify the serialization.
Also the use of the notion "Property" comes in handy, as to which
fields are selected.

3) Remoting

There are serialization libraries outside of phobos like in tango but they
must be put into phobos itself and the Exception needs to be serializable
too in order for the "remoting" thing to work.

When communicating between "Application Domains" like in C# when inheriting
from exceptions, you need to make sure that the exception class is serializable.

class Exception:ISerializable

I can't find the Exception class anywhere, where is that defined?
in core.exception there is some Error stuff. Is it defined in the compiler

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