Slow documentation solution??

Ali Çehreli acehreli at
Mon Mar 29 12:20:52 PDT 2010

Charles Hixson wrote:
 > The line
 > <script

 > &up_source_language=en&w=160&h=60&title=&border=&output=js"></script>
 > in most of the documentation files appears to be slowing loading, and
 > not doing anything useful.  With it in the files, even using local files
 >  looking up anything is painfully slow.  When removed things appear to
 > speed up and nothing seems to be lost.
 > What is it's function?  Does removing it cause any problems (that I just
 > haven't noticed yet)?

It's for Google's translation tool.

I have the same problem and set Firefox to "Work Offline" under the File 
menu so that I don't lose time. I agree with you that it must be removed 
from the locally installed pages. Please enter a bug at

On a related note, I use ddoc to generate my Turkish D site as well 
( My Makefile does automatically remove Google Translate tool 
for local test access during development.


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