[D1, module, type conflict] Which bug is this?

%u e at ee.com
Mon Nov 1 19:02:37 PDT 2010

Disregard that, here is the real bug. I removed the circular struct definition.

The code below results in:
i.d(7): Error: b.B at b.d(5) conflicts with c.B at c.d(3)

But if the selective imports are changed to non-selective public imports( bug[314]
) the error is gone.

module main;
import c;

void main(){}
module c;
import i;
import b : B;
//public import b;

class C : I{
  B fb(){
    B b;
    return b;
module i;

import b;
import c;

interface I{
  B fb();
module b;
import a : A;
//public import a;

struct B{
  A a;

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