template mixins vs. string mixins

div0 div0 at sourceforge.net
Sat Nov 6 04:06:01 PDT 2010

On 06/11/2010 10:13, Don wrote:
> Trass3r wrote:
>> In the past template mixins were a neat special usecase of templates.
>> Now with the "mixin template()" syntax they've become a separate thing
>> because you can add special code for handling them, e.g. allowing them
>> to add constructors to classes.
>> The question is: what is their right to exist? Is there anything you
>> can do with them you can't with string mixins (or vice versa)?
> I've personally never seen a use for template mixins.

They are handly for boiler plate code that you sometimes just can't avoid.

When you do that stuff template mixins are nicer to work with than 
string mixins, but I keep hitting forward reference bugs with them in 
newer versions of DMD so they've become less useful.

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